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Lake Swan Camp

Lake Swan Camp

2019 Year In Review

As 2019 comes to an end, we are excited about all that God has done here at Lake Swan Camp. Thank you for your prayers and generous donations. The following are some highlights for 2019.

- Over 820 prayed to receive Christ or rededicated their lives to Him through the camp's ministries
- Served over 7,000 people and over 140 groups 
- Over 16,000 volunteer hours
- The Lord sent over $80,000 in 4 weeks during Operation Jericho when we were asking Him for $77,777.77 in 7 weeks
- Nearing completion of Minder Makeover with over 8,000 added square feet including

  • 1. Chapel/Dining Room bathrooms
    2. New carpet in the Fireside Room, painted walls and ceiling
    3. Resurfacing Dining Room floor, painted walls and ceilings, and added acoustical enhancement
    4. Completed Staff Resource Center, foyer, and laundry room
    5. Installing a 10x28 walk in refrigerator/freezer
    6. Installed new kitchen AC 

    - Completed renovation of house given to the camp now used for one of our staff members.
    - With the move of our director and his wife to a smaller residence on camp property, we were able to convert the larger staff residence in the office building into a Retreat Center
    - Refurbished golf course in memory of Kyle Gouin
    - Launched a new website (check it out at

There are many God stories that have occurred this past year. One of our favorites concerns a two-hour fire rated wall that Tim Stanley, our Maintenance/Project Supervisor was working to complete. Tim had a question about the electrical but Perry was unable to answer it; and suggested Tim call James Sampson (one of our fantastic volunteers) to see if he could help.       

Perry left and returned a couple of hours later to find James working with Tim. Perry was surprised that James could have arrived so quickly. But Tim had not had a chance to call James. James’ RV was at the camp for him to use when he volunteered. He came to pick up the RV for guests he was entertaining over the weekend. He just “happened” to come at the exact time we needed him.  And that’s just the way God works!

Nearing Minder Makeover completion, we plan to focus on smaller projects throughout the campus which we have had to defer during Minder Makeover. We are trusting the Lord to continue to supply the funds for these projects. We are praying for 250 new Dining Room chairs. The old heavy ones we have now may damage our new floor. The new chairs we are looking at purchasing are $26 each including shipping. Below is a picture of the ones we will be purchasing. Why not consider buying one or more for the camp and praying with us for God’s supply?

We wish you a Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your families in the upcoming year.

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