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Bible Quizzing

Bible Quizzing

Quizzing 2017-2018

Quizzing is a fun activity that yields benefits for an entire lifetime; whether a student becomes a scientist, plumber, pastor, or stay-at-home mom, God will honor His Word in his or her life.  An intimate knowledge of God's Word is a powerful tool for God to use, and we exist to equip kids with that tool.

We have a range of quizzers from those who quiz to get together with their friends from around the state each month all the way to kids who memorize all of the Scripture being studied and love the competition.  Whatever their motivation - they are hearing the Word, learning the Word, and the Word is making an impact.

To find out how your church can participate in this ministry, contact Jennifer Stasney at or 941.979.2743.

You may also visit their website here to find out more information including the rule book.  Click here for the brochure.

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